Sprucing up your At Home Office

Since we are spending more time in our offices at home, some tips to surround yourself with comfortable but beautiful pieces.

Creating a mood:
Offices can be cold and uninviting. This is an area where you want to feel warm and welcome. Get the work juices flowing.

Spend time and maybe a few extra dollars on a suitable desk and storage pieces. These should be functioning as well as pretty to look at.

Go try out your desk chair. As easy as it is to shop online these days you want to make sure your chair is comfortable. Sit and roll in many! Or try a standing desk if preferable.

If you have clients visit you, add a set of comfortable occasional chairs facing your desk.

Line the wall adjacent to your desk in proper storage. I like something with drawers and/or doors. Nice to hide all the paperwork. You can add organizational pieces inside to keep everything in its place.

Paint/ lighting:
Paint is a very personal decision. Some like dark and moody so one feels wrapped in warmth. While others love soft and airy!

For the dark and moody try
Kendall charcoal HC- 166 or Hale Navy HC 154 in flat finish

For the softer and lighter try
Classic grey OC 23 or Baby Fawn OC 15 all from Ben Moore in eggshell

Centre ceiling lights need to be at least the room size in inches. Ex: room size 10’x10’ light can be 20” in dimension

Just make sure you are getting adequate light. Otherwise add a desk lamp.

Soft furnishings and accessories:
Now if your fortunate enough as this office space, add some soft pieces to the window seat such as a sheep skin, toss cushions, and/ or a custom made seat bench cushion.

You can also add to your desk chair or visitors chairs… warning! Visitors may not want to leave!

If your floors are hardwood, vinyl or tile adding an area rug is a great way to add comfort, softness and some texture.

Finishing the space with flowers, a few decorative pieces and art for the walls!

Yahoo your done and working in an exquisite space!

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