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Carley's Story

I love sitting with new clients getting to know them. Having a laugh to break the ice and listening intently to where they are at.

Some have a great idea as to where they are and what they want. I just confirm and give new ideas. Others are new and fragile... feeling lost with the entire process. This is where I step in gently and gain their trust. Moving towards what they are trying to bring together.

Every single client has been an exciting individual process. I love where the journey takes us!

Olive Tree Designs' Goal

My Goal with Olive Tree Designs is to listen to Your Ideas and to work with you on how to pull it all together, without the second guessing while affirming you are making the right choices.

Understanding that everyone sees things differently, and has completely different tastes, I will help you with your questions and give you some unique ideas you may not have thought of.

Every Custom home or Renovation deserves to be fabulous!

The Challenge

Do you know what you like but intimidated it will be out of fashion by the following year?

With so many options and ideas out there it can be overwhelming and stressful to know where to begin. Whether your vintage, contemporary, traditional or transitional I’m positive working together we can bring life to your project.

Creating Something More

Creating something more magical than you anticipated. Trends come and go, but what is more important is that your space suits you. When you walk into your home the idea is to feel like your already on holidays. No need to pack the bags, enjoy your space like a warm fuzzy blanket wrapped around you. Or perhaps a light airy haven.

Your Home, Your Sanctuary

One of my favorite concepts is Biophilic Design. Innovation bringing the sense of the outdoors inside. With our over stimulating world I truly believe creating your own sanctuary is important to our mental, spiritual, emotional selves.

Concerned about getting your thoughts and ideas across? I’m committed to listening and understanding. I will help translate to suppliers, trades and your contractor so you don’t have to.

One of our goals working together will be to turn those awkward difficult areas into unique fabulous spaces.

We will start with your wish list and determine the priorities to make sure we stay within a budget that’s comfortable for your pocket book.

Let’s work collaboratively and ease your design stress. You’ll be amazed how the process develops organically and even laugh along the way.

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Congratulations on your new home, office or renovation! I'd love to help you make your space truly your own. Please complete the form below or call me at 250-308-2416 for a consultation.

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